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Many institutions are facing new challenges.


Employers often struggle to attract and retain employees in areas where public school districts are struggling.

Municipal governments need innovative ideas to serve their residents that might be struggling with the uncertainties facing so many families.


Houses of worship are looking for new ways to connect with their congregation, as well as serve others.


Associations are always working to show their value add for serving their members.

Microschooling is a solution.

A microschool is an excellent addition to a benefits package, and increases the likelihood of qualified candidates accepting a position in an area with an undesirable school district. It also helps increase job satisfaction and employee loyalty.

Government leaders can create a microschool for their residents, taking an opportunity to show their constituents that they matter, and that their city leadership is there for them. It also allows the government leadership team a chance to be at the forefront of education innovation.

Microschools allow religious leaders to serve their congregation in a whole new way, and perhaps in one of the most important ways. It also allows religious leaders to connect with families in the community who do not attend their house of worship, and grow their mission.

Associations can offer a microschool to their members as a perk to membership. Creating a microschool for your members allows you to show the value added by your organization in a whole new way.



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