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Our Newsletter Launch!

We are excited to announce that we launched our newsletter today! Be sure to check your inbox for these new updates. If you would like to receive our newsletter, please fill out our survey.

Scrambling to keep up with changing school plans from your school district (and charter/private schools too!) for educating your child during the fast-approaching school year? Worried that the plan, whatever it turns out to be given present and looming uncertainties, won’t work for your family the way that you need it to? 

If so, this aligns you squarely with the many families we hear from every week through MicroschoolingNV, the Greater Las Vegas Microschooling Collaborative. You are not alone. In fact, chances are that other families with similar needs are making progress toward solutions - whether short- or longer-term - they can feel better about than present options.

The fast-growing microschooling movement may be for you, and if so, we are here to help. We are working to incubate and help grow a dynamic network of a dozen affiliated microschooling arrangements right here in Nevada in time for the coming school year, including working with a number of inspiring microschooling practitioners already with their own programs well underway.

Take our microschooling survey so we can better understand your priorities, needs and interests.

Read our newsletters regularly to learn about microschooling examples that might work for you.  The survey and other ideas on our homepage might give you some ideas.  Join one of our discussion forums, which we work to organize according to families’ interests and needs.

There will be costs, and commitments, for families to make these collaborations work. We will be constantly working with our affiliated microschooling leaders to minimize the lift required for families, and strengthen the microschooling product in a variety of ways. Give some thought to what of these you are willing to commit to. Hint: Sharing responsibilities with other like-minded families helps. Let us help you connect with other families, and potential educators, who share needs similar to yours.

Microschooling tends to be home-based, so give thought to whether hosting a home-based microschooling cooperative setting might work for you. And most of all -- let us know how we can help you move forward. We work with a variety of schools, especially private and charter, and we love the schools we work with and would be happy to connect you with these schools. We are collaborating with a variety of people in the community to create this network of microschooling opportunities to meet this very real new demand we are hearing.

SailAway in Kingston, Tennessee, offers a church-connected, faith-based private school model that serves both full-time and home-based students:

HEdFEx, in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, is a secular, inclusive, homeschool co-op offering high-quality, professionally-taught classes for ages 3-16, emphasizing friendship and support for kids and parents alike.

Prenda Schools, in the East Valley near Phoenix, feature a home-based cooperative learning model supported by a professional team and replicable model, with relatively low costs to families. 

Roots & Wings, (Columbia, Maryland). This microschooling co-op, located on a 6-acre farm, offers farm-based holistic, experiential-based learning experiences.

Educator:  Hello, my name is Melissa Flaxman and I am the founder of FutureMakers. FutureMakers is committed to providing equal access to engaging creative education and advocacy to children and families through community based workshops, classes, and events focused on Art, Wellness, STEAM and Young Entrepreneurs programming. We have classes and workshops for children of all ages in downtown Las Vegas. For more information, please contact me at Please also check out our website and follow us on social media @futuremakerslv 


Parent:  Hi, I'm Renee and am the mom of three children, grade ranges 3-6, looking for a microschooling group to join, preferably with a flexible schedule and no more than 10 children in a group, with a focus on science. I'm in the Henderson area and am willing to travel up to ten miles.  Please email me at if this sounds like your group. Thanks!


Want to be a part of our Nevada Microschooling Connection? Let us know what you’re looking for (if you’re looking to join a microschooling group or looking to start your own), please include the grade range of your children and your email address. We will post this information in our newsletter, please do not share any personal information.

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